Nanni Bassetti (University of Bari Computer science - MD):
He is a professional who deals with computer forensics, IT security and consulting services. He lives in Bari, southern Italy.
Founder of: CFI - Computer Forensics Italy
Project Manager and developer: C.A.IN.E - Forensics Linux Live distro
Writer of: "Indagini Digitali" - computer forensics book.
MyCurriculum Vitae (italian)- My Blog

Denis Frati (IT Consultant):
Blog: DenisFrati.it

John Lehr (aka Slo.Sleuth) (Digital Forensics Expert):
Blog: http://linuxsleuthing.blogspot.com
Tester and developer in the project: C.A.IN.E - Forensics Linux Live distro
Developer of XMount Gui script

Gianni Amato (Digital Forensics expert and malware analyst):
Blog: http://www.guelfoweb.com/
Blog: Here

Daniele Murrau:
Blog: http://brainstretching.blogspot.com
Profile: Here



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